I am a freelance script analyst/editor and screenwriter - yet I am also a well-rounded filmmaker. If it Is true that creativity is a muscle, I have been working out for a long time.

My experience working in film and TV roles, interpreting briefs, brainstorming, enhancing external ideas as well as my own, have toned my 'collaborative legs' and ‘storytelling upper torso’. I have TV edited countless hours of shows, read tons of screenplays, made short films and penned film scripts.

In the last few years I have worked In the UK and Australia and I have been lucky enough to Work with high calibre people such as Peter Faiman (Director of 'Crocodile Dundee') and to Liaise with the likes of Mark Turnbull (Executive Producer of 'Two Hands' starring Heath Ledger), Tony Rogers (‘Wilfred’) and Adam Rolston (Producer of ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’).

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Feature Films, Short Films & TV Series In Development

Little Red Bloody Herrings (TV Mini-Series): When Max Brimmer sets out to uncover the many mysteries behind his sister's death, little does he know that the last secret could tear the very fabric of reality.

Format/Slot: Mystery/Thriller, 1 X 8, 60 Mins. TV mini-series, however there is potential for other series. Audience: adults who enjoy American Horror Story, True Detective, Stranger Things and These kind of mind-Bending/subversive shows.


The Weaver (Feature Film): A rebellious teenager embarks on a deadly race against time to seize a magical ancient relic with the power to save her mother’s life, leaving the Life Of everyone dear to her hanging by a thread

Format: Modern urban fantasy. potential for sequels and TV series based upon the characters. Audience: both young adults and adults, especially people who love Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and The Goonies.


Matrilineal (short mystery/fantasy): A dying mother's last wish happens to be for her daughter's mortal life.


Achievements And Awards

Like Father Like Son (Short Thriller Script)

2018 quarter finalist at Screencraft

The Devil You Knew (Short Comedy Script)

2017 quarter finalist at Shore Scripts Screenplay Contest

Never Say I Do (TV Sitcom Screenplay Pilot)

2011 finalist at Hollywood Screenplay Contest

Respect 101 (Short Film)

2012 Cannes Short Film Corner
Finalist at 2012 Cornwall Film Festival (Cornwall; Mike Leigh Is The Patron)
Finalist at 2012 Show Me Justice Film Festival (Missouri, USA)
Finalist at 2013 Hyart Film Festival (USA)

Happy Birthday My Dear (Short Film)

Finalist at 2011 Canterbury Short Film Festival (New Zealand)
Finalist at2011 In The Bin Short Film Festival (Australia)