Massimiliano Sappa holds a BA degree in Cinematics film studies which he obtained in London in 2005. In the last few years he has refined the craft by working on personal and professional projects between London and Australia. He has been lucky enough to work with high calibre people such as  Peter Faiman (director of 'Crocodile Dundee') and along the way met the likes of Mark Turnbull (Executive Producer of 'Two Hands' starring Heath Ledger ).

Right now Massimiliano works as an editor for ABC Australia on a number of shows. He strongly believe that to be an effective writer director one's has to perfect the art of cutting. The sense of pace, rhythm and flow are invaluable tools to understand the mechanics of storytelling.

Work History

IMDB Credits

ABC Credits



Respect 101 (Writer, Director and Producer)

Synopsis: Where is the respect? The sympathy, the love for your neighbour? Kids today harass, brawl, belt, smash and grab. It’s time for an old man to teach these yobbos a lesson they won’t forget. Welcome to Respect 101, the only academy where you learn or you die.


Happy Birthday My Dear

(writer, director and co-producer)

Synopsis: Written and Directed 'Happy Birthday My Dear' a short film in which Emma, an attractive middle-aged housewife, has just finished the last touches for the sixtieth surprise party for her beloved husband, Oscar. At that exact moment, a mysterious man calls declaring that he's Oscar's lover. Before she can digest the shocking news, the excitable guests arrive Champagne in hand. Little do they know that these won't be the only bubble to burst...

Achievements and Awards

Never Say I Do (TV Sitcom Screenplay Pilot)

Respect 101 (Short Film)

  • 2012 Cannes Short Film Corner
  • Finalist at 2012 Cornwall Film Festival (Cornwall; Mike Leigh is the patron)
  • Finalist at 2012 Show Me Justice Film Festival (Missouri, USA)
  • Finalist at 2013 Hyart Film Festival (USA)

Happy Birthday My Dear (Short Film)

  • Finalist at 2011 Canterbury Short Film Festival (New Zealand)
  • Finalist at 2011 In the Bin Short Film Festival (Australia)

Feature Films & TV Series in Development

Never Say I Do (TV Sitcom)

short synopsis: Marrying the dead? A vampire ceremony extravaganza? A Mafia union? Surely, a serious wedding planner wouldn’t touch them even under threat of torture. However, strapped for cash and desperate to win back the respect of his Ex, Martin Never assisted by the lousiest associates in town have no choice but to take anything that the market offers whether risky, mad or simply sickening.

Treatment and pilot screenplay available upon request


One Way or Another (Feature Film Comedy)

Short Synopsis:  Stefano, a late twenties Italian man, has got a great job, a fantastic apartment and a very peaceful but enjoyable life. However, when he finds out that his Aussie Ex, Stella, is having his baby in secret, he jumps on the first flight to Australia. Does he need a crying, poopmachine little brat in his life? No siree! In fact, Stella dumped him because she secretly believed he would be a terrible father. This is a matter of principle! Now, stranded in the middle of nowhere but helped by Dylan, a middle aged bohemian writer, he must go through trials and tribulations - which would make the labours of Hercules seem like hopscotch in the park - to get to Sydney in time to flourish from selfish man to a man...

Screenplay available upon request


Gemini (Feature Film Thriller)

short synopsis: Identical twins Jerome and Viktor are separated at birth. Jerome grows up in a wealthy family. He becomes a man of law and is fearfully nicknamed 'Judge Dredd' by the underworld. Viktor is raised in a poor family and becomes the most lethal of the assassins, capable of turning even a teaspoon into a deadly weapon. Destiny plays one last fatal trick the day Viktor is asked to take care of Jerome.

Treatment available upon request